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Ai Ching Goh

When we talk about women in business, these asian women is becoming a house hold name for techies and non techies alike. 

Ai  Ching Goh

Is co-founder of Piktochart, a web-based app that helps non-designers create beautiful info graphics. Piktochart was one of the finalists of Startup Arena at Tech in Asia, Startup Asia Singapore 2012 and has since acquired 170,000 users and currently profitable.

Married to the CTO of her company, Ai Ching represents the idea of not only entrepreneurship but the leadership. Piktochart has been recommended by the Forbes Magazine and has been used by 10,000 businesses worldwide. 

She was asked, do you have woman role model that you look up to? She answered "Danielle Morille, CEO and co-founder of She's extremely down-to-earth not running blind into any trend without thinking it through."

           "Build to solve real problem "

It is important to figure out how many problems the product or service you're offering. Although it's important yo pick something you're passionate about, it's also very important to match that passion to real need-  ai ching goh

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Vivy Sofinas Yusof

Mother, model and mogul, at 28 Vivy Yusof is the co-founder of the multimillion-dollar online retail Fashion Valet, an icon on her own right. Graduate of law from the London School of Economics and also holds the title Business Development Manager at Proven Holding. 

Currently, the platform has 300 brands from across the South East Asia. Vivi also is an addition to the growing number of Malaysian women who is trying to revolutionise the hijab' contentious image. The company is expanding it's local operation with the new office in Empire Damansara. Regional expansion includes setting up an office and warehouse in Indonesia. 

When asked on her definitions of success.

" I don't define success because I don't feel the need to. Once you define it then you achieve it, then what's happens? Complacency and self-pride happens which is bad. I just do my thing and set new goals every time I've hit one and not think too much about it."

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